Introducing “What’s a Girl to Do?”

One thing I’ve never been is bored. I always have more than enough to do. And heaven knows I have more than enough interests, particularly professionally. I like to write about a multitude of topics—food, family, popular culture, music, history…….

Unfortunately, while I’m not bored I’m afraid lately I have become boring.

I’ve spent the last month or so trying to catch up on writing projects. Maybe I shouldn’t be catching up on more than one at a time, but I tend to be a multitasker with a vengeance.

In some ways this catch-up time has been and continues to be an amazing luxury. I spent so much of the past few years taking care of my mother that I seldom had time to work on long-term projects. Come to think of it, I seldom had time to work on short-term projects either.

My work is important to me. It seems unlikely that I will have children at this point so my writing is what will be left when I die.

I’m afraid, however, that my recent work hasn’t made my conversation scintillating or my horizons broader. And that HAS GOT TO CHANGE.

To remedy this blandness, ironically, I’m starting a new writing project. This blog. I figure that if I address myself to an audience weekly I’ll have to think of something interesting to say at least once every seven days.

And when one says something interesting, I find, one becomes more interesting.

The dilemma at the top of this blog is the one I face every day in my life. Given my varied professional interests—did I mention that I am a singer as well as a writer about all sorts of things?—how do I decide what to do each day, each week, and each year?

How do I organize my life so that I can honor and enjoy all my interests and somehow focus myself enough get something done and make a living? (Orphans don’t make a lot of money.)

I hope that this organization will honor my late mother Jan as well, whom many readers will recall from last year’s blog, Pulling Taffy. She was stubborn, occasionally exasperating, and busy beyond belief. But she was never, ever boring. And she had a huge zest for life. I’d be happy to think I’ve inherited some of that.

For now, I’m thinking about focus. And … I’m going to a cookbook conference in New York later this week! I’ll report back on that next week. Meanwhile, please hang in there with me. I hope as the weeks go by we’ll have a few good topics to chew on. I KNOW we’ll have a few laughs.

I should mention that my dear friend Peter came up with the name of this blog. (He loves naming things.) Thank you, Peter, for this and everything else you do for me!