New Year’s Fun

T pulls Tweb

I may be out of focus, but I’m having fun.

Happy New Year!

The days are already getting longer, and I’m smiling a lot.

I am moving slowly but steadily into 2013. (I’ve already managed to write “2012” on two forms!)

I don’t have any resolutions per se because I was already working on lots of projects BEFORE the New Year. I will share a few of them here with you:

I am trying to get my body and my singing voice into better shape.

I am determined to FINISH my book about my mother (the first three chapters are already laid out–hooray!).

I am trying to keep better track of my finances … and to make keeping track of them easier by generating more income.

And I’m trying to enjoy every moment I can.

I have other ambitions, but those are good ones with which to start.

My family and I rang the New Year in with a bang yesterday. I had to test a recipe for molasses taffy so we invited several of my nephew Michael’s young neighbors over to help pull.

We ended up with TWELVE children in my sister-in-law Leigh’s kitchen, pulling and eating their hearts out.

Michael (left) and his friend Jackson were the first pullers available.

Michael (left) and his friend Jackson were the first pullers available.

The recipe will appear in the book about my mother, which will be called “Pulling Taffy.” I haven’t literally pulled taffy since I was a little girl, when my mother often organized taffy pulls for my birthday.

She was a little more organized in the kitchen than I am. Despite my disorganization our crowd had fun making the candy and consuming it. And while the children pulled the grownups chatted about memories and recipes and life.

It was a lovely way to pay tribute to my mother … and to start 2013.

I wish you all good food, good company, and peace. I hope readers will let me know what THEY are planning for this year by commenting below.

Enthusiastic pullers turned into enthusiastic tasters.

Enthusiastic pullers turned into enthusiastic tasters.


8 comments on “New Year’s Fun

  1. Patty Muchmore says:

    What fun for you! I don’t think I have ever pulled taffy! Also what a fabulous kitchen! XOXO

    • tinkyweisblat says:

      I will tell Leigh you liked her kitchen. She just re-did it last spring and is very proud of it! As for the taffy, maybe we’ll have to have a NORTHERN pull one of these days.

  2. I’ve held taffy pulls, too–they are sooo much fun. Those who have never done it are really missing out. A great way to ring in 2013!

  3. Doris Matthews says:

    I, too, have never pulled taffy. A northern pull sounds like fun-count me in! Your ambitions all sound like good ones Tinky-keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Grad says:

    I’m happy to hear it was taffy your were pulling! I was afraid you may have found a new kind of amphibian! Just kidding. Love the photo and love the sweatshirt! I can’t tell you how happy I am you are working on a book! And, Tink, although there’s no way I can improve my singing voice, I’m right there with you in wanting to get into better physical shape. I share most of your “resolutions” for 2013″ (I don’t make them, but try to sneak them in. Keeps the gods guessing.)

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